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Local Organizations in Europe

Local Organizations


Language of Liberty Institute
TFT Events
TFT Events organizes Austrian Economics camps, seminars, and conferences around the world.
Access to Information Programme
To facilitate implementation of Article 41 of the Bulgarian Constitution which establishes the public's right to access government information.
Adam Smith Institute
The Adam Smith Institute is the UK's leading innovator of free-market economic and social policies. Politically independent and non-profit, the Institute promotes its ideas through reports, briefings, events, media appearances, and its website and blog.
Adriatic Institute for Public Policy
Dedicated to advancing economic freedom and advocating free market reforms in Croatia and southeast Europe.
Alexis de Tocqueville Center for Political and Legal Thought
Association for Promotion of Individual Liberty ‘Iustitia’
Austrian Economics Center
Avenir Suisse
CaUnited States Liberal
Center for Economics and Politics
To form and promote policies based on the principles of free enterprise limited government individual freedom and Trans-Atlantic relationship.
Center for European Policy (Centrum f
Center for Political Studies (Center for Politiske Studier)
CEPOS (Center for Political Studies) is an independent Danish free market think tank founded in 2005. CEPOS seeks to inform and educate opinion leaders about the benefits of free markets in order to push for reforms that will limit the scope and size of government and increase personal and economic freedom.


Pipes Output

ASI's Research Director, Sam Bowman, worked with BBC News London to create a short film on the benefits of rolling back the Green Belt in London to solve the...
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Professor Scott Sumner of Bentley University delivered the Adam Smith Institute's annual Adam Smith Lecture on Tuesday, June 17th 2014. He called for inflati...
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Research Director of the Adam Smith Institute, Sam Bowman, discussed the minimum wage on BBC Newsnight.
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Director of the Adam Smith Institute, Dr Eamonn Butler, appeared on BBC News to discuss the Royal Mail Sale on 4th April, 2014.
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Research Director of the Adam Smith Institute, Sam Bowman, appeared on BBC Daily Politics (1 May 2014) to discuss Labour's election pledge to control rent pr...
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LLI in Armenia


Leadership School in Yerevan On March 12 and 13, the Leadership School founded by Samvel Movsisyan organized 2 events for LLI (in cooperation with Armenian Youth for Libertyfounded by Inessa Shahnazarova) at the...