Shanghai 2012




Videos & Documents:

Andy Eyschen

Critical Creative and Strategic Thinking
Entrepreneurship and Thinking.ppt
– So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur
Entrepreneurship Shanghai Powerpoint

Casey Lartigue

– Markets and Justice

Chris Lingle

Theories Of The Business Cycle

Christian Michael

Value And Money

David Veksler

Ayn Rand – Objectivism
Introduction to Ayn Rands Objectivism.docx
Introduction to Objectivism.pdf
Introduction To Objectivism.pptx

Doug Bandow

The Philosophy and Morality of Markets

Feng Xing Yuan

Chinese Way Of Development
Hayekian Theory Of Order – Its Rediscovery And Chinese Reality
Chinese Way of Development Kunshan 2012.pptx

Fred Foldvary

A Theory of Social and Economic Harmony

He Yongqin

He yongqin – 日常生活中如何抵御国家主义 (how to prevent from statism in daily life).pptx

Hiroshi Yoshida

Hiroshi Yoshida – Taxation Comic.pdf

Jeff Crawford

– a Psychological Interpretation Of Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand


Jo Ann Skousen

Jo Ann Skousen – the myth of Prometheus and Pandora.docx


Ken Schoolland

Importance Of Migration To Economic Development
Immigration Shanghai b.ppt

Kenli Schoolland

– Private Roads

Li Weisen

China’s Road To a Rechsstaat video
Chinas Road to a Rechtsstaat.doc

Lobo Tiggre 

Investing 101

Money and Ethics – Partial
– Entrepreneurship 101

Mark Skousen

What Drives The Economy Keynes Law Vs Says Law
What Drives The Economy-FreedomFest-July2012.ppt

Rainer Haufers

Spontaneous Order

Tudor Smirna

Challenges of Monetary Reform.pptx
Price Formation and Economic Calculation.pptx

ZhuHai Jiu

– The Governmental Entrepreneurship.ppt

Presentations from Global Free Market Think Tanks

Global  Free Market Thinktanks

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