Shanghai 2012




Videos & Documents:

Andy Eyschen

- Critical Creative and Strategic Thinking
Entrepreneurship and Thinking.ppt
– So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur
Entrepreneurship Shanghai Powerpoint

Casey Lartigue

Markets and Justice

Chris Lingle

- Theories Of The Business Cycle

Christian Michael

- Value And Money

David Veksler

- Ayn Rand – Objectivism
Introduction to Ayn Rands Objectivism.docx
Introduction to Objectivism.pdf
Introduction To Objectivism.pptx

Doug Bandow

-The Philosophy and Morality of Markets

Feng Xing Yuan

- Chinese Way Of Development
Hayekian Theory Of Order – Its Rediscovery And Chinese Reality
Chinese Way of Development Kunshan 2012.pptx

Fred Foldvary

- A Theory of Social and Economic Harmony

He Yongqin

- He yongqin – 日常生活中如何抵御国家主义 (how to prevent from statism in daily life).pptx

Hiroshi Yoshida

- Hiroshi Yoshida – Taxation Comic.pdf

Jeff Crawford

a Psychological Interpretation Of Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand


Jo Ann Skousen

Jo Ann Skousen – the myth of Prometheus and Pandora.docx


Ken Schoolland

- Importance Of Migration To Economic Development
Immigration Shanghai b.ppt

Kenli Schoolland

Private Roads

Li Weisen

- China’s Road To a Rechsstaat video
Chinas Road to a Rechtsstaat.doc

Lobo Tiggre 

- Investing 101

Money and Ethics – Partial
– Entrepreneurship 101

Mark Skousen

- What Drives The Economy Keynes Law Vs Says Law
What Drives The Economy-FreedomFest-July2012.ppt

Rainer Haufers

- Spontaneous Order

Tudor Smirna

Challenges of Monetary Reform.pptx
Price Formation and Economic Calculation.pptx

ZhuHai Jiu

- The Governmental Entrepreneurship.ppt

Presentations from Global Free Market Think Tanks

Global  Free Market Thinktanks

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