Middle East

Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization
To promote the values of individual freedom and of the responsibility of civil society for the creation and sustenance of the institutions of limited government, the rule of law, and the other institutional foundations of the free society. That includes strengthening the institutions of the free-market economy, such as clear definition of, and respect, for property, and promotion of freedom of expression, toleration, human rights, and civil peace.
Alternate Solutions Institute
Alternate Solutions Institute, first free market think tank of Pakistan, is a registered, non-profit, non-political, non-governmental, educational and research organization. Its mission is to promote a limited responsible government in Pakistan under the rule of law protecting life, liberty, and property of all of its individual citizens without any discrimination.
CheragheAzadi.org (Lamp of Liberty)
To promote the principles of individual liberty, free markets and the rule of law in the Farsi language.
ChiraiAzadi.org (Lamp of Liberty)
Egyptian Center for Public Policy Studies
To keep the state from interfering in the market and in economic activity
Publishes content about Classical Liberalism and in particular its Economic philosophy, values and concepts in Urdu language. Its main objectives include protection and promotion of personal freedom, private property and market economy.
Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform
The Iraqi Institute for Economic Reform is an independent, non-partisan research institute based in Baghdad. Our mission is to assist Iraq in its transition to a modern market economy by promoting reform based on sound research and case studies.
Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies
To raise awareness of the benefits of free markets in Israel and to promote practical ways to foster competition in Israel and the region.
Mideast Youth
To inspire and provide young people with the freedom and opportunity of expression, and promote a fierce but respectful dialogue among the highly diverse youth of all sects, socio-economic backgrounds, and political and religious beliefs in the Middle East. We use this freedom to create social change and to prove that the collaboration necessary for stability is possible.