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Asia Centre for Enterprise

Asia Centre for Enterprise


Atlas Economic Research Foundation, a nonprofit organisation connecting a global network of more than 400 free-market organisations in over 80 countries to the ideas and resources needed to advance the cause of liberty has created Free Enterprise Training Centres (FETC) within think tanks or universities that will assist Atlas in discovering, assessing, and training highly talented young people, and inspiring them to devote their careers to advancing liberty in their home country or region. To date, Atlas has launched four FETC in Chile, Lithuania, India and a global one.

In 2012 Atlas partnered with Centre for Civil Society to launch the Asian FETC called Asia Centre for Enterprise (ACE). The centre offers exciting opportunities for like-minded organisations and individuals to be part of the larger Atlas network and take advantage of the several training and networking platforms.

Asia Centre for Enterprise (ACE) will play the role in Asia that Atlas Foundation plays globally, acting as a mentor and intellectual angel investor.

Our vision is to help create a beaming Asia under the leadership of intellectual entrepreneurs driven by liberal ideas and committed to action.

Our mission is to discover idealists and activists in Asia, empower them through mentorship and training, support them by providing start up grants to develop and scale up their ideas into action and connect them with liberal organisation and individuals globally.


Through an active search and educational agenda, ACE will:

Search for young people who could be candidates for intellectual entrepreneurship, committed liberals who have good ideas and willingness to implement projects;
Organise programs to develop their understanding, capacity and skills through seminars, competitions, colloquia, training workshops, freedom fests; and
Identify who among them are talented, enterprising and committed and award them ongoing support and bring the successful achievers to the Atlas global network.


ACE will provide seed funding to help establish new start ups (organizations) and initiatives on a case by case basis. These grants have been made possible with the generous support of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation who raise funds year-to-year to offer this form of financial support. With modest resources available for grants, we can only fund a fraction of the worthy proposals received.

Grant applicants, who could be individuals or young organizations, will be tested on an action plan showing how they would address a policy issue/problem with a liberal approach and how they would create a sustainable solution. Depending on the project, the grant would be anything from Rs 50,000 to Rs 500,000 ($1000 to $10,000) for a term up to 18 months.

The intellectual entrepreneurs that may be incubated and supported by ACE don’t all have to be think tanks or policy activists; they could be documentary makers, playwrights, or indeed teachers and professors that use other forms of discourse through which they can take the message of free minds and free markets to a larger audience.

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