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Centre for Public Policy Research

Centre for Public Policy Research
Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR) is a think tank dedicated to extensive and in-depth research on current economic, social, and political issues. We study public policies with a dedicated, objective, and an unbiased approach. We strive to initiate policy changes by publishing our research and by framing policy debates and discussions on various subjects. Our research areas include Governance, Education, Health, Law, Livelihood, and Urban Reforms. We have carried out research projects and worked on policy papers for government bodies, private institutions, and academia; many of which have had a profound impact at the governance level. CPPR has a good research team comprising of professionals from different fields of expertise and resource persons from across the world. Research internship is another key activity of CPPR. CPPR produces working papers in various fields. Innovative policy solutions and ideas that are in sync with global technological revolutions and entrepreneurship are the key components of our policy research.


The centre from its humble beginnings towards its larger efforts aims at supporting the creation of an equitable, socially just and environmentally sound society enriched by the principles of democracy and secularism


Our mission as an organisation is the spread of knowledge and awareness among fellow human beings through the promotion of research, training and dialogue among key stakeholders in Society.

CPPR is committed to the following goals:

  • Promote research entrepreneurship and establish the centre as a knowledge based resource storehouse.
  • Work as a policy think tank that develops and promotes alternative solutions to issues concerned with the society.
  • Focus on information dissemination, capacity building and technology exposure by organizing seminars, workshops and dialogues.
  • Strengthen democratic institutions to enable coherent, reasoned and consistent policy formulation leading to better quality of life of every citizen.
  • Popularize liberal values, promote civil liberties and protect human rights.
  • Empower women and youth through sustainable community development programs.
  • Provide platform for every citizen to engage in political dialogue and democratic process.
  • Conduit the emergence of young leaders.
  • Work towards achieving global peace, harmony and cooperation through collaborating with like minded individuals, groups and organizations at the national and international levels.

Centre for Public Policy Research - think tank working in the areas of education, law, Urbanism and Livelihood


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