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Education Standards Institute

Education Standards Institute

 A rationale explaining why ESI has been established can be found here.

ESI is committed to an education system based on:

  • standards – concerns about falling standards are widespread.  Too many students leave school culturally illiterate, morally at risk and under-performing in areas like literacy and numeracy.  Australia needs a more rigorous and academically focused curriculum, one that recognises the contribution of Western civilisation and Australia’s Judeo-Christian heritage
  • equity – all children, regardless of background, deserve a comprehensive, substantial and well resourced education.  Equality of opportunity should not give way to equality of outcomes, where merit and ability are secondary to positively discriminating in favour of so-called victim groups
  • diversity – stronger performing education systems embrace diversity, competition and school autonomy.  All schools, government, Catholic and independent, should have the freedom and flexibility to best meet the needs of their communities, free from unnecessary government intervention and control
  • choice – just over 30% of Australian students attend non-government schools and the figure rises to 40% at years 11 and 12.  Parents embrace school choice and all schools, especially Catholic and independent, must be properly funded 

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Education Standards Institute