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Electronic Frontiers Australia

Electronic Frontiers Australia

Electronic Frontiers Australia Inc. (EFA) is a non-profit national organisation that has been promoting digital freedom, access and privacy in Australia since 1994. EFA was established in January 1994 and incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act (S.A.) in May 1994.

EFA is independent of government and commerce and is funded by membership subscriptions and donations from individuals and organisations with an altruistic interest in promoting online civil liberties.

Our major objectives are to protect and promote the civil liberties of users and operators of computer based communications systems such as the Internet, to advocate the amendment of laws and regulations in Australia and elsewhere (both current and proposed) which restrict free speech and to educate the community at large about the social, political, and civil liberties issues involved in the use of computer based communications systems.

EFA members and supporters come from all parts of Australia and from diverse backgrounds. They are people who recognise that preserving freedoms and rights always depends on the willingness of people to defend them and that combatting the threats posed by the anti-civil libertarian forces, the radical right agenda and ill-informed reports in the media requires constant vigilance and support.

Electronic Frontiers Australia

Your voice for digital freedom, access and privacy since 1994.

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