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Fuping Development Institute

Fuping Development Institute
Founded in 2002, Fuping Development Institute (FDI) is a non-profit organization focusing on low-income people across China. It aims to improve the welfare of the poor, increasing their development opportunities and promoting social justice by establishing/investing in social enterprises and nurturing social innovators.

Ever since its establishment in 2002, FDI has developed from a training school for domestic services into a professional service provider for incubating and fostering social enterprises and social innovative talents. It currently boasts four core operations, namely microfinance, eco- agriculture, early education and domestic & community service.

Our Slogan:

Leverage patient capital for impact investment´╝îmaking service work for poor people.

Our Mission:

Promote social innovation, justice, and harmony through social entrepreneurship, breakthrough approaches and sustainable development.

Our Values: Service, Innovation, Simplicity and Happiness

Our Approaches:

I: Foster social enterprises and lead industry innovation:

  • Identify social entrepreneurs with shared ideals for in-depth cooperation, introducing social investment and setting up social enterprises;
  • Support social enterprises to achieve sustainable investment, professional operation, social/entrepreneur subsidized cost, standardized governance, scalable service and sustainable development in a bid to provide equal development opportunities for people in need.

II: Nurture social innovation talents: build up a network for the growth of social innovation talents as well as the nurturing system for these talents through training, exchanges, communication, support and research.

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Fuping Development Institute