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Medicine & Liberty (Medecine & Liberte)

Medicine & Liberty (Medecine & Liberte)
Medicine & Liberty is an independent privately funded not for profit networking entity based in Vevey, Switzerland. It is conducted by Dr Alphonse Crespo, its executive director and founder. It is backed by a steering committee and by a consultative medical board of reputed physicians active in other associations. A specific international advisory board of experts has been constituted for the academic monitoring of MedECON, MedLIb’s key Market economics for doctors Educational & Co-Operational Network.

Medecine & Liberty

Médecine & liberté : Network of liberty oriented doctors

Maastricht University Brussels hosted a Pugatch Consilium roundtable on‘Clinical trials and data transparency – the Public Interest case'.   Speakers included Professors Meir Pugatch, David Taylor, Atholl Johnson, as well as Douglas Lippoldt of the OECD, Dr Alphonse Crespo & Dr Alex Wyke. A strong case was made for data-sharing designs that do not discourage RD nor hinder access to innovation. Read more  
ISIL held its 2013 International Conference in Pully, Lausanne in partnership with the Swiss Movement for Liberty. Left to right: Dr Alphonse Crespo, Dr Mary Ruwart, Prof. Ken Schooland   The event featured prominent liberty minded thinkers and entrepreneurs. A health care session featuring Mary Ruwart, Ken Schooland, Frederic Roeder and Alphonse Crespo included topics such as free market revolution in Georgian healthcare, the deadly side effects of FDA regulations and the case for compensation of organ donors. Emerging tools to advance on the road to freedom of choice and self ownership in medical care were explored.  
The Institut Turgot  held a seminar on health care systems for the 21st Century on April 12th in Paris.   Henri Lepage   Discussions hinged around Prof. Clayton Christensen's "The Innovator's Prescription : A Disruptive Solution to the Healthcare Crisis." They were conducted by Louis-Marie Bachelot président of "Alternative Libérale" and Henri Lepage (photo ) president  of  the Institut Turgot and included speakers such as Drs Guy André Pelouze and Alphonse Crespo  
Conference Rotary Club of Leman-Thonon   Dr Alphonse Crespo - Prof. Victoria Curzon Price The dynamics of medical progress vs. the challlenge of aging health care systems  
The 7th European Resource Bank Meeting held in London Sep 8-10, 2010 enabled free market oriented institutes to exchange on a wide variety of issues that ranged from taxes to health care.   Lord Forsyth and Arthur Laffer gave banquet speeches. Lady Margaret Thatcher (here with Alphonse Crespo) honoured the ERBM Gala dinner at Guild Hall.  

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Medicine & Liberty (Medecine & Liberte)