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Samriddhi (The Prosperity Foundation)

Samriddhi (The Prosperity Foundation)


Following the April 2006 movement, Nepal celebrated the re-emergence of political freedom. While embracing this achievement, Samriddhi believes there’s more to be done. The movement for economic freedom has just begun. We’ve embarked on a journey to make Nepal a place where people have the access to opportunities to freely pursue happiness and prosperity. Emulating the principles of democratic practices recognized in the 21st century, Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation is registered under the Company Act of Nepal as a not for profit organization. It believes in people’s power and recognizes individuals as the top notch of the power center.


Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation, envisions a free and prosperous Nepal where individuals can live a dignified life in a vibrant and democratic society with equal access to opportunities and respect for the rule of law.


To promote ideas of freedom- civil, political and economic- through public policy recommendations (based on independent research), educational programs and public participation for a free and prosperous Nepal.


In order to realize its vision, Samriddhi sets the following objectives for itself: congenial to the principles and practice of freedom.

  • 1. To conduct research and generate alternative ideas on the social, economic and political agendas to throw light upon the contemporary issues of public discourse and come up with policy advocacy documents to bring them into wider rhetoric.
  • 2. To lobby for and monitor the implementation of basic social, political and economic rights while promoting transparency and advocacy as the basis of a prosperous Nepal.
  • 3. To educate, train and empower public on active citizenry, ideas of free society and entrepreneurship, and the role they can play at influencing policy level decisions.
  • 4. To develop a comprehensive resource center for public use (especially for researchers, students and policy makers) focusing on the social, economic and political discourse moving forward at a given time period.

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Samriddhi (The Prosperity Foundation)