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Bad Quaker
badquaker.com is a web site owned and managed by the friends, family, and supporters of Ben Stone.
Ben Stone, by his own admission, is a bad Quaker. We at badquaker.com believe anyone can be a bad Quaker, if you try hard enough.
Below, you will find an explanation of Bad Quaker written by Ben Stone.

What’s a Bad Quaker?

To answer that, lets look at what a good Quaker is.
The people traditionally known as Quakers are actually called the Religious Society of Friends, and we at Bad Quaker have nothing but respect for them, their beliefs, and the hard work they have done during their 360 years of consistently seeking ways to improve the human condition.
Quakers vary widely in their beliefs and practices, but are perhaps best known for their unshakable position on individuality. Quakers hold fast to their belief that no one person should be honored above or below another. As a logical outworking of this position, Quakers formed the first true anti-slavery movement and almost single handedly shifted the established Christian doctrine away from the acceptance of slavery. Recognizing women on equal footing with men in the early 1600′s and consistently holding to that position through physical oppression and even torturous death, Quakers were the origin of the Women’s Rights movements.

Bad Quaker Dot Com

Liberty is the mission.

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