Local Organizations


Right to Property
A people’s initiative to facilitate mapping of land in tribal villages in forest areas under the Forest Rights Act (FRA) 2006.
TFT Events
TFT Events organizes Austrian Economics camps, seminars, and conferences around the world.
3H (Liberty, Rule of Law, Tolerance) Movement
Özgürlüğün ideolojisi liberalizmi keşfedin!
AkademiMerdeka.org (IDEAS)
Asia Centre for Enterprise
The main objective of ACE is to provide encouragement to young idealists and activists who are able to take or develop projects under their leadership and are able to execute them. Grants will be awarded to promote liberal philosophy as well as solutions to the social and economic problems, including in the fields of Education, Livelihood, Environment and Governance.
Association for Liberal Thinking
The ALT is a non-profit that aims to introduce the richness of the intellectual tradition that lay the heart of the liberal democratic civilization to Turkish public.
Cathay Institute for Public Affairs
CIPA aims to protect the freedom of the individuals in China, to promote Chinas democratic transition, and to help establish constitutional democracy in China.
Center for Free Enterprise
Central Asian Free Market Institute
Centre for Civil Society
Centre for Civil Society is a public policy think tank advancing personal, social, economic and political freedoms.
Centre for Public Policy Research
Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR) is a think tank dedicated to extensive and in-depth research on current economic, social, and political issues.
DoiMoi.org exists to promote the exchange of ideas, a system of free enterprise, a firm rule of law and initiative to aid the development of an individual and community-centered system of economic progress.
Elbegdorj Institute EBI Think Tank Institute
To discover, develop and support intellectual entrepreneurs who can advance the institute's vision of a society of free enterprise and development of democracy.
Empowering India
EmpoweringIndia.org is an initiative of the Liberty Institute, New Delhi. It is a platform created on the Internet that allows citizens and civil society groups to access data about their elected representatives, and state and parliamentary level constituencies.
Foundation for Economic Freedom
The mission of the organization is to strengthen economic freedom in Sri Lanka to enable individuals to exploit emerging opportunities in a market driven post war economy.
Foundation for Economic Freedom, Inc.
The Foundation for Economic Freedom (FEF) is the first and only libertarian public advocacy and economic development organization in the Philippines.
Freedom Institute
Center for Democracy, Nationalism, and Market Economy Studies.
Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Philippine Office
Fuping Development Institute
Founded in 2002, Fuping Development Institute (FDI) is a non-profit organization focusing on low-income people across China. It aims to improve the welfare of the poor, increasing their development opportunities and promoting social justice by establishing/investing in social enterprises and nurturing social innovators.