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Asia Centre for Enterprise
The main objective of ACE is to provide encouragement to young idealists and activists who are able to take or develop projects under their leadership and are able to execute them. Grants will be awarded to promote liberal philosophy as well as solutions to the social and economic problems, including in the fields of Education, Livelihood, Environment and Governance.
Centre for Civil Society
Centre for Civil Society is a public policy think tank advancing personal, social, economic and political freedoms.
Empowering India
EmpoweringIndia.org is an initiative of the Liberty Institute, New Delhi. It is a platform created on the Internet that allows citizens and civil society groups to access data about their elected representatives, and state and parliamentary level constituencies.
In Defence of Liberty
In Defence of Liberty, is a portal on ideas of individual freedom, from India and the world. It strives to compile liberal perspectives on contemporary issues. It also carries news and views of Liberty Institute, and its partner networks.
India Institute
To help create a society that provides every individual the opportunity to make for themselves what they consider is the greatest living.
Liberal Youth Forum of India
To mobilize the youth of India to actively participate in issues that directly affect them.