Local Organizations

Austrian Economics Center
European Coalition for Economic Growth
The principle mission of the European Coalition for Economic Growth (ECEG) is to provide a platform for free market thinkers across Europe to synergize their efforts. There are many excellent institutes throughout Europe, and fostering and coordinating the ideas of these like-minded scholars is critical to a continental effort. The ECEG is a central hub which focuses ideas and improves communication between all free market institutes across Europe.
F. A. v. Hayek Institute
The F.A. v. Hayek Institute was founded in 1993 to commemorate the work of Nobel Laureate Friedrich August von Hayek, and to promote the ideas of the Austrian School of Economics.
Institute for Study of Morals (Institut fur Wertewirtschaft)
This institute focuses on school in the traditional sense: a tradition of free research and teaching, as well as a guild of independent scholars, who are united by their love of truth (philosophia)