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Interview with Riya Basnet and Nisha Niraula

Riya Basnet and Nisha Niraula are young leaders in the liberty movement in Nepal.  They are involved with Students for Liberty, Women for Liberty, and published the first Braille edition of Jonathan Gullible.  They spoke with Joe Kent at the World Conference on Market Liberalization in Bali in July, 2015. Joe: Can you talk about...


Grading According to Sex


by Steve Browne Vienna’s medical university has recently announced next year’s entrance exam scores will be weighted towards women. Deputy dean of studies Karin Guiterrez-Lobos said female applicants’ exam results...


The Liberty Movement in Asia


by Ken Schoolland I recently had the good fortune to visit Nepal and India during a whirlwind of libertarian activity across the region. Since I was already heading to the...