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Here’s the way you can give ISIL some important extra help, which is also easiest on your budget: our monthly Pledge Program.  The easy way to sign up with your credit/debit card is on-line via PayPal, which will also send you automatic receipts (print out for your tax records).

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Contribute To Specific ISIL Projects

Contribute To Specific ISIL Projects

We’ve detailed each project below. Use the form at the bottom of the page to specify the project(s) you’d like to contribute to. Thank you again for your generosity and commitment to advancing liberty and the message of peace.


Help students become activists from the ISIL Conference Experience.
ISIL has sponsored hundreds of students, mainly from the ex-communist countries, to the recent world conferences.  The students, who could otherwise not hope to afford the conference, have benefited greatly from the speakers and by meeting international libertarians.

Many have gone home full of ideas and inspiration and have formed organizations and publishing projects, or become teachers and organizers of the Liberty English Camps for youth education that have also been supported by ISIL.

We need scholarship funds right away for the Lausanne conference in August!
Each scholarship will cost us $1,000.  We seek to raise $50,000 to bring in 50 young people.

This is a great investment in the future growth of the global liberty movement.  Please contribute to the ISIL Conference Scholarship Fund.  Any amount appreciated! (These contributions to ISIL are tax-deductible in the USA).

China Austrian Economics Summer School Fund

Your contributions will help 150 Chinese university students gain a strong knowledge of free-market economics during an intensive week-long annual summer seminar at Northeastern University in Shenyang, given by top libertarian economists.


Your contributions here will be assigned to the camps where most needed. Liberty Camps allow students from ex-communist and other developing countries to participate in Liberty Camps, which teach principles of liberty and entrepreneurship while also improving their English skills.

Many graduates of these Liberty Camps have gone on to teach at subsequent camps, and to start their own Liberty Camps, organizations and publications in their home countries. Help create tomorrow’s libertarian leaders!


Your contribution will support the annual Casey Youth Camp for Liberty and Entrepreneuship in Lithuania. This was the first Liberty English Camp, founded in 1993. Many of the participants are students on scholarship from neighboring Belarus, taking infectious libertarian ideas back home to undermine the authoritarian Lukashenka regime.


Your contribution will support the fast-growing series of Liberty English Camps that are being organized by ISIL member Glenn Cripe and his team at the Language of Liberty Institute. Their record number of 2012 camps were held in Albania, Armenia, Brazil, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Mozambique (twice), Slovakia, and Poland (twice).


The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible, a humorous, award-winning fable that teaches free-market economics, is one of our most powerful tools for introducing young people to libertarian ideas. 48 translations of this popular book have been published. A movie is in the works!

Many of the editions in developing countries have been funded by ISIL members. Many more languages are in the works, some of which will need funding help from ISIL to bring into print.. Will you make a special donation to this fund?

“Freedom Kit” Book Project

ISIL is cooperating with Laissez Faire Books in identifying overseas liberty groups that can use either a range of titles for research libraries, and/or bulk quantities of select titles for seminars.

Libertarian Video Archive Project

Your donations will help bring libertarian history back to life! There are potentially thousands of videos of presentations from the 1980s and 90s by libertarian luminaries. We will prioitize, digitize and upload these great presentations.

Right to Property Initiative

We talk enough about why property rights are important for economic growth and liberty, here’s your chance to make it happen! Recent legislation in India now enables rural villagers to make official the land they’ve been living on all their lives, but as many are illiterate and unable to provide hard evidence to substantiate their claims, they are mostly rejected. The Right to Property Initiative hosts workshops in rural villages, bringing hand-held GPS machines and satellite images to help the villagers officially determine their property’s boundaries, and helping them fill out the government forms. Even $1 is enough to help a single family make the claim, $250 for a whole village. $500 can buy 2 hand-held GPS machines to be used in village after village.

Project Arizona

Project Arizona ( is a semester-long project for 10 outstanding students from around the world, selected by a competitive two-step recruitment process. In Phoenix, these international young talents (from Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America) will conduct meaningful internships, academic seminars at ASU, and fruitful networking. But most of all – they will gain a thorough understanding of the ideas of liberty and how to impliment them when they return to their own communities. Project Arizona will empower young individuals to fight for freedom in their countries.


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